CNC Work Bench

CNC Work Bench 1.0

Developed to generate industry standard Gcode to drive 4 axis foam cutters
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CNCWorkbench has been developed to generate industry standard Gcode to drive 4 axis foam cutters.
It uses common file inputs such as .cor .dat. .dxf.
- supports the Hobbycnc pro chopper board or any industry standard Gcode compatible software such as Mach3 and TurboCNC

- cuts wing planforms up to 5 panels each side, paraellel, tapered, sweep wings, dihedral, washout, skin compensation are all possible
- will generate spars, round, rectangular, cut-off's etc
- cut simulation and a 3D viewer
- supports Win 95, 98, 2000, XP
- supports different types of foam in terms of cut speed ie white, blue, EPP
- can export to Rhino
- creates fuselage profiles, lightening holes and naca series foils
- edit input data, base, spline, flip x and y, mirror, swap and move start point
- converts many industry standard formats including Gcode to .dxf
- all output can be easily viewed in notepad and modified
- leadin and leadout with the ability to cut-off foam, change cut direction
- metric input only, will convert some information such as "oz sqft"
- supports English only at this stage
- huge reference library with utilities to analyse reynolds numbers, MAC, scale up, mixing ratios, propeller statistics including helix angles, cnc stepper calculations, core and jacket volumes, over 100 airfoils ready to go.

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